Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a developer to initially setup up my Nacelle storefront?
Yes, a developer will have to do the initial build of your progressive web app front end which replaces your Shopify theme.
Can I edit my storefront without a developer?
Yes. Once you launch with Nacelle, you can manage and edit your products and collections in Shopify the way you normally do. With Nacelle's content solutions you can alter text and images, drag and drop to rearrange your store, and even build landing pages on the fly, all without a developer.
Do I need to host Nacelle?
Nacelle offers a fully hosted version of our service so you don't have to worry about it. If you'd like to own your own hosting, we recommend Netlify or Versel. The backend Nacelle service is fully hosted and maintained by Nacelle.
Can I use a headless CMS with Nacelle?
Yes. We recommend implementing a robust headless CMS like Contentful so your marketing team can spin up PWA landing pages on the fly. With a headless CMS you can also drag and drop content without needing to rely on your development team. Sanity and Strapi are excellent headless CMS choices as well.
Can I use Nacelle with a custom Magento store?
Yes. We have an open-source Magento connector that you can use as a starting point for your own connector. Contact our team for more information about our Magento integration.
Can I use a custom eCommerce store with Nacelle?
Yes. You can use Nacelle's backend API to integrate custom eCommerce stores into Nacelle. Please view our developer documentation for more information on custom eCommerce integration.
Do my apps integrate with Nacelle?
Most likely. Nacelle integrates with more than 30 eCommerce apps out of the box.
Do you change my checkout?
No. Nacelle pairs with the checkout system you already have in place.

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