Mobile First

Operate With a Winning Mobile-First Customer Experience

Use a Nacelle powered progressive web app to significantly decrease latency while improving discoverability on a mobile device

Mobile First Benefits
Increase Cart Size

With a fast load speed, customers can more easily explore your product catalog

Increase Conversions

Fast page load speed has been proven to increase online conversion rates

Improve Branding

Weave shopping directly into your storytelling to emphasize your brand and increase sales

Mobile Shopping is Ubiquitous

When comparing mobile traffic to desktop traffic, a new trend has emerged. Mobile traffic is the clear winner and the fastest growing brands often see mobile traffic comprise 80% or more of the total mix.


Mobile-First, Not Mobile Optimized

Selecting the right technology for your online shopping requirements is a strategic way to build and grow your storefront. Since the majority of your traffic is mobile, your technology should be mobile-first, not simply mobile optimized.


No Install Needed

Mobile-first has traditionally been dominated by mobile native apps. For eCommerce brands, this has been problematic since new apps rarely get installed. Nacelle powered stores do not require downloads, customers simply visit the website on their browsers.


Works Everywhere

Mobile-first does not exclude the desktop. Since Nacelle powered stores work in the browser, customers have wonderful experiences on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. One codebase for all keeps things simple and easy to manage.

Merchant Endorsement

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Building an enduring brand requires a seamless customer experience, so Nacelle was an obvious choice for us.

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