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Nacelle Platform

The Nacelle headless eCommerce platform arms developers with a suite of tools to make building lightning fast eCommerce websites easy. Our front end framework and highly scalable back end indexing system remove the complexity and risk associated with custom headless builds, while delivering supercharged performance.

What is headless?

What is headless?

Headless refers to the "decoupling" of the front end presentation layer from the back end eCommerce infrastructure. We replace the old front end architecture with modern code that's built with the highest performance and flexibility in mind.

The Nacelle solution

The Nacelle solution

The Nacelle platform allows you to spin up a fully functioning headless progressive web app in under ten minutes. From there, developers use the open source Vue.js front end to customize the look, feel and functionality to meet the needs of your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a developer to set up my Nacelle storefront?

Yes, the Nacelle platform is an open source Vue.js project and requires a rebuild of your front end. We recommend you have developers in-house or a development agency on retainer.

Can I make changes to my storefront in Shopify?

Yes, you can update products, text and content as you normally would in Shopify. If you need to change structural elements of the site or add apps and integrations you'll need a developer.

Do you host Nacelle for me? How do I deploy?

The Nacelle front-end is deployed through a Git Repository (for exmaple: Github, Bitbucket, etc) to a static site host like Netlify or Zeit Now. You can also deploy Nacelle to your own static site host if you wish.

Nacelle's API is cloud-hosted and managed by our team.

Can I use Nacelle with a custom Magento store?

Yes! We have an open source Magento connector that you can use as a starting point for your own connector. **Jazz hands**

Can I use a headless CMS with Nacelle?

Yes! We recommend implementing a robust headless CMS like Contentful so your marketing team can spin up PWA landing pages on the fly and drag and drop content without needing to rely on your development team.

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