Static Generation

Handle Massive Spikes in Traffic

Nacelle powered stores can take advantage of static generation to ensure large traffic spikes will not slow page load speed

Static Generation Benefits
Smooth Experience

With static generation, route-to-route page load speed is measured in milliseconds

Handle Traffic Spikes

With our static technology, Nacelle powered stores can handle massive traffic spikes

Stay Up To Date

Nacelle's lightning fast backend query time ensures your store is up to date

Static Generation for eCommerce

eCommerce data is rich and dynamic; updates to products come often and inventory changes at a fast pace. Nacelle's lightning fast backend ensures your static builds stay current.


Efficient Query Time

By reducing backend query execution time by a factor of x250, Nacelle's static generation process scales with ease while saving you money on build minutes.


Framework Compatible

Nacelle pairs well with Vue/Nuxt, React/Gatsby, React/Next and even custom static generation solutions


Fast Page Changes

By leveraging our global CDN network, Nacelle powered storefronts can achieve a page to page load time in 40 milliseconds.

Developer Static Generation Endorsement

How developers use Static Generation

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Nacelle's unique approach to static generation ensures merchants' sites load with super-low latency and stay up to date
By offering queries which are significantly faster than native e-commerce APIs, Nacelle static builds are quick and dependable

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